4 Reasons To Get A Routine Eye Exam


If it has been awhile since you have had a routine eye exam, now is probably the time. Whether or not you currently wear contacts or eyeglasses, you still need to get an exam. Here are the top reasons to get an annual eye exam.

Test Your Vision

A common mistake people make is assuming they still have perfect vision, when they might not. Not only that, your vision might have changed since the last time you had an eye exam and now need new contacts with an updated prescription. It is a good idea to have your vision tested routinely, usually about once a year, just to check if your vision has been altered at all. You might be surprised when you put in your new contacts, how well you can see now and didn't realize before how bad your vision had gotten.

Aside from your vision, the eye exam also tests your focus and light sensitivity. This looks for possible conditions related to the way your eyes focus, such as eye strain or computer vision syndrome. It can also look for signs of double vision.

Look for Signs of Eye Diseases

People with 20/20 vision should still get an eye exam because it also helps to look for signs of different eye diseases. Some eye conditions are age-related, while others are genetic. The optometrist will look into your eyes and perform a series of tests to look for signs of glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. If you are advancing in age, they might also want to look for signs of age-related macular degeneration.

Find Out Why You Are in Poor Eye Health

Your current eye health can say a lot about your health overall, and it may just be a sign of other medical conditions. Optometrists know the links between eye health and related medical conditions that you might not be aware of. For example, an eye exam can show signs of some cancers, brain tumors, high cholesterol, and hypertension. While they can't diagnose such conditions, the eye doctor like one from South Jersey Eye Physicians might notice early warning signs by looking at your eyes. 

Developmental Problems

There are also benefits of eye exams for children, including showing signs of developmental problems. If a child has reading or learning difficulties, it might actually be due to their vision or other eye-related conditions. They may have focus issues, vision problems, lazy eye, or strabismus. While your child might not be ready for contacts, they may need glasses while reading. 


10 August 2015

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