Do You Need A Corneal Transplant?


There are certain medical conditions and diseases of the eye that require you to get a new cornea. This procedure is called a corneal transplant. It is performed by removing your damaged cornea and replacing it with new cornea, in order to improve your eyesight. Here are some different reasons you might need the corneal transplant.

Does your cornea look like a cone?

Another reason you might need a corneal transplant is if your cornea is shaped like a cone. If it bulges out of your eye and comes to a point, you have a condition called keratoconus. This can have a negative effect on vision, and also make it difficult to wear glasses or contacts. The vision loss from this condition can also worsen over time, so it is likely that you will need the transplant at some point. The eye doctor will remove your dome-shaped cornea and replace it with brand new cornea that restores your vision.

Do you have Fuch's Dystrophy?

You may also need a transplant if you have an eye condition called Fuch's Dystrophy. This occurs when you have swelling and clouding of your cornea. It is a condition that tends to start subtly, and gradually worsen as you age. With this condition, there is a layer of cells in the cornea called endothelium that get excessive fluid build-up. When this happens, it causes your vision to become clouded and blurry. A transplant will help correct your vision.

Have you burned your cornea?

A severe corneal burn could also require you to get a corneal transplant. If you have come into contact with chemicals that burned your eyes, this is likely to happen. The extent of the burn will determine if you need a transplant or if other treatments will be effective. The most damage is typically done by alkaline chemical burns since they can bypass the top layers of your cornea.

Do you have an infection?

If you have recently had an infection in one or both of your eyes, you might end up needing a corneal transplant. This is the worst case scenario, but it does happen. You might have an infection in your eye and you don't get it treated right away, which could cause the problem to escalate. Infections of the eye come from many different sources, including a virus, bacteria, or amoeba. The infection can scar your cornea when it advances, which would affect your vision and require the surgery.

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13 August 2015

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