4 Tips For Wearing Makeup And Eyeglasses


Some people mistakenly believe that wearing eyeglasses means that you cannot wear makeup any longer. In actuality, if you previously wore makeup before getting eyeglasses, you can continue to wear it. However, there are some adjustments you should make to ensure that your makeup and glasses do not clash. Here are some tips you can use to help with putting on makeup while wearing glasses

Use Makeup Reading Glasses

Applying makeup while wearing your eyeglasses can be challenging. Unfortunately, if you need the glasses to clearly see your face as you are applying the makeup, you could be forced to deal with the difficult task. 

There is a solution though. Makeup reading glasses allow you to flip up one lens and apply makeup for that eye while still being able to see out of the other eye. The glasses are available in low strengths, but should be sufficient enough to provide you the view needed to finish your makeup.

Apply Powder or Primer

One of the most annoying features of eyeglasses is that they can sometimes slip down your face. Not only does this result in the need to push up the glasses throughout the day, but it can also mess up your makeup work. 

To avoid the slippage, apply powder or primer to the bridge of your nose when applying your makeup. Both helps to keep the bridge from getting oily and keeps the glasses from sliding down. 

Use Mascara

Some eyeglasses wearers have shied away from using mascara because of a myth that it will stick to the lenses. In reality, the mascara does not touch the lenses and it can help enhance your eyes. 

Remember, your eyes are somewhat dulled down by the eyeglasses. The use of mascara can draw attention more to your eyes and bring them out. 

Match Your Eyeliner to the Frames

How much eyeliner you use should be dictated by the frame of your eyeglasses. If you have a thicker frame, apply the eye liner a little thicker. If you have thin frames, a thin liner is enough. 

By matching the eyeliner to your frames, you help to not only draw attention back to your eyes, but you make sure that your eye liner is not over- or underdone. 

There are many other ways you can help your makeup and eyeglasses mesh. Talk to your optometrist about other tools and tips that he or she has heard to help ease the job of applying makeup while wearing glasses.  


1 March 2016

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