3 Ways To Make Wearing Contact Lenses More Comfortable


One of the most common reasons that many people choose to forego contact lenses and continue to deal with eyeglasses is because they feel that the contact lenses are too uncomfortable. However, many of the issues that can make contact lenses uncomfortable can be easily dealt with, such as by using the three methods listed below.

Consider Daily Disposable Lenses

A major cause of contact lens discomfort comes from a buildup of substances, such as calcium or protein, on the interior surface of the lens. In addition, allergens can often get trapped in between your contact lenses and your eyes, which can further increase your discomfort.

One of the easiest ways to deal with these issues is to consider daily disposable contact lenses that are meant to be thrown away at the end of every day. By throwing away the lenses daily, you are essentially eliminating the chances that those foreign substances can build up on the lenses.  

Improve Tear Production

One of the most common causes of contact lens irritation is dry eyes, which is often a result of poor tear production. This is particularly common with individuals who smoke or drink a lot of caffeinated drinks as those activities can dehydrate your body faster, which decreases tear production.

If cutting back or quitting those activities is not an option for you, then consider speaking to your optometrist about nutritional supplements that can improve tear production. In many cases, flaxseed oil is recommended as a way to treat dry eyes. 

Utilize Punctal Plugs

Finally, if your contact lenses feel uncomfortable due to your eyes and lenses becoming dry, you should consider discussing punctal plugs with your optometrist. Punctal plugs are small pieces of silicone or collagen that are inserted into the lacrimal punctum. The lacrimal punctum is the opening in your eyelid that allows your tears to drain out. 

The benefit to wearing a punctal plug is that it will slow down, but not stop, the draining of your tears through the lacrimal punctum, which will keep your eyes and contact lenses moister for longer periods. When wearing punctal plugs, collagen is used to make temporary plugs that will dissolve after a few days while silicone is used for long-term solutions and must be removed by an optometrist. Collagen plugs are a great option if you want to try wearing plugs for a few days to see if you are comfortable with them before opting for long-term silicone solutions.

Speak with your optometrist--like one from Ballard Optical--today if you are experiencing discomfort while wearing contact lenses or if you want to start wearing contacts but are hesitant due to comfort concerns in order to discuss methods for relieving the potential discomfort. Wearing daily disposable contact lenses, improving your tear production, and utilizing punctal plugs are all great methods for reducing contact lens discomfort. 


3 June 2016

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