Reasons To Undergo An Eye Exam


Regular eye exams are an important part of your healthcare needs. However, many patients will fail to appreciate the full range of benefits that such exams can provide.

Identify Problems That Are Developing With Your Eyes

There are many eye issues that develop so slowly that patients may not recognize they are a problem. An example of this type of issue can be the development of cataracts. This is a relatively slow process that can gradually cause your vision to deteriorate. By undergoing a yearly eye exam, it is far more likely that this condition will be diagnosed early so that a wider range of treatment options will be available. Unfortunately, patients that wait to have this exam until they are already experiencing problems may mean these conditions will become increasingly severe.

Update Any Prescription Lenses That You May Need

Individuals that wear corrective prescription lenses should have them updated at regular intervals. Failing to have these lenses updated at regular intervals can lead to a significant reduction in your visual acuity. Additionally, you'll be far more likely to develop significant eye strain as a result of these lenses not being correct. As with other eye issues, changes in your prescription can develop slow enough that you may have a hard time noticing that your prescription is no longer effective. Luckily, you will not have to completely replace your eyeglass as an optometrist will be able to easily change these lenses so that you can clearly see.

Protect Your Eyes From Complications Caused By Other Medical Conditions

Unfortunately, individuals will often experience significant eye complications as a result of some medical conditions. A common example of this can be high blood pressure and diabetes. These conditions are able to strain the blood vessels in the eyes and could severely degrade your vision. For individuals that suffer from these medical problems, it is very important for these patients to have regular eye exams completed so that these impacts can be assessed. This information will allow the patient to make the necessary change to reduce these symptoms from worsening.

It is common for individuals to greatly underestimate the benefit of receiving regular eye examinations. For a person that is aware of the role that these exams play in identifying new problems with their eyes, updating their prescription lenses or assessing potential complications from other medical problems, it is easier to appreciate the need to have this exam done yearly. For more information about eye exams, contact an optometrist.


18 November 2021

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