4 Reasons To Get A Routine Eye Exam


If it has been awhile since you have had a routine eye exam, now is probably the time. Whether or not you currently wear contacts or eyeglasses, you still need to get an exam. Here are the top reasons to get an annual eye exam. Test Your Vision A common mistake people make is assuming they still have perfect vision, when they might not. Not only that, your vision might have changed since the last time you had an eye exam and now need new contacts with an updated prescription.

10 August 2015

The Cliche Says 'Wearing Glasses Makes You Look More Intelligent.'


For years, people have watched movies and seen intelligent characters almost always portrayed as wearing glasses. As a result, the cliché of "wearing glasses makes you look more intelligent" has been born. Before you pick out your next pair of glasses, you deserve to know whether or not this cliché has any truth to it. What the Cliche Says Our perception of reality is heavily shaped by what we see on television and in the movies.

6 August 2015

3 Tips To Save Money On Contacts


Wearing contact lenses is not always a matter of preference. You may be extremely nearsighted or farsighted and achieve better vision correction with contact lenses than eyeglasses. Before you switch to eyeglasses due to the cost of contact lenses, try a few tactics to make your contact lenses more affordable. Skip The Vision Coverage Unless you have a serious eye condition or make frequent trips to the eye doctor, you might pay more for vision coverage than you would pay out of pocket.

5 August 2015

Why Your Child's Ptosis Must Be Treated


If you've recently learned that your child has ptosis, or you suspect that they may have it, you may be concerned at the prospect of treatment. The only way to correct ptosis-induced drooping eyelids is by surgically shortening the lid and muscle that controls the eyelid, and it's reasonable for any parent to feel worried at the idea of their child going under the knife. However, treating ptosis is necessary for your child to live an active and normal life.

4 August 2015